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Who is Maud Dixon?, by author Alexandra Andrews
Alexandra Andrews, author of Who is Maud Dixon?

Alexandra Andrews

With its sharp twists and diabolical turns, Who is Maud Dixon? is a clever and stylish debut novel from journalist Alexandra Andrews. Set in beautiful Morocco, Andrews explores the dark sides of ambition, greed, and identity. Through her complex, often cunning characters, she skillfully captures her audience in this irresistible thriller that delivers on its promise to be “one of the most anticipated books of 2021.”

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Miracle Country, by author Kendra Atleework
Kendra Atleework, author of Miracle Country

Kendra Atleework

Blending family memories and environmental history, Miracle Country: A Memoir of a Family and a Landscape is a powerful debut from Kendra Atleework. With shimmering prose she weaves the threads of her bittersweet relationship with family and home, her upbringing in Swall Meadows near the town of Bishop, and the tragic environmental history of this region. It is a captivating California story told in exquisite detail with a tender hand.

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Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA, by author Amaryllis Fox
Amaryllis Fox, author of Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA

Amaryllis Fox

Following her graduation from Oxford and while still finishing a master’s degree at Georgetown University, 21-year-old Amaryllis Fox was recruited into the CIA. In her riveting memoir, Life Undercover, Fox “engagingly and transparently” describes her undercover work in remote areas of the Middle East as an art dealer, infiltrating terrorist networks and hunting down arms dealers. It is a story of courage, passion, and intellect.

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The Rib King, by author Ladee Hubbard
Ladee Hubbard, author of The Rib King

Ladee Hubbard

In Ladee Hubbard’s imaginative and engrossing second novel, The Rib King, the reader is dropped into the circa 1914 daily whirl of Black servants in a fading, but well-to-do household. The escapades of these hardworking, innovative people create a suspenseful page turner as a network of interests compete to take advantage of them. This illuminating examination of a troubled period sheds light on those who thrive despite prevalent racism.

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A Burning, by author Megha Majumdar
Megha Majumdar, author of A Burning

Megha Majumdar

In her incendiary debut novel, A Burning, Megha Majumdar writes a gripping thriller with the force of an epic…“taut, symphonic, propulsive, and riveting.” Presenting its contemporary Indian characters with prismatic portraiture, it demonstrates the consequences of limited choices, hopes and dreams available to people living on the margins. This is a novel of our pandemic times, an exploration of precarity in all its forms, as funny as it is sad.

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I Am A Girl From Africa, by author Elizabeth Nyamayaro
Elizabeth Nyamayaro, author of I Am A Girl From Africa

Elizabeth Nyamayaro

Award winning humanitarian Elizabeth Nyamayaro’s memoir unfolds from a near-death experience and her silent vow to dedicate her life to helping others, to a courageous and determined quest to fulfill that vow. At the age of eight a severe draught struck Elizabeth’s village in Zimbabwe leaving her unable to move from hunger. A United Nations aid worker gave her a bowl of porridge that saved her life and inspired her dream.

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The Agitators: Three Friends Who Fought for Abolition and Women's Rights, by author Dorothy Wickenden
Dorothy Wickenden, author of The Agitators: Three Friends Who Fought for Abolition and Women's Rights

Dorothy Wickenden

From the intimate perspective of three friends and neighbors—the “agitators” of the title—acclaimed author Dorothy Wickenden tells the fascinating stories of abolition, the Underground Railroad, the early women’s rights movement, and the Civil War. These crucial American stories are enriched by glimpsing them through the friendship of these exceptional women who spent decades violating the laws and conventions of their time.

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