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Live from England

Creating Conversations and Literary Women invite you to a fascinating conversation with Helen Macdonald and radio personality Pam Atherton as they discuss Macdonald’s just published book, Vesper Flights.  Considered one of this century’s most important and insightful nature writers, Macdonald brings together her best loved essays to explore the human relationship with the natural world.  This captivating work examines time, memory, solitude, love and loss.

Join us for this soaring conversation!


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An Early Valentine for You

Creating Conversations and Literary Women are excited to share the recording of a delightful evening spent with Valentine author Elizabeth Wetmore and radio personality Pam Atherton. It was a special evening to explore not only writing, but the stories of life and how people live them.

You may order a copy of Valentine along with a signed book plate (as long as the supply lasts) from Creating Conversations purchase your copy of Valentine online or call the bookstore (310.542.6000) to place your order.

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Creating Conversations with Literary Women

As readers, we are acutely aware of the importance of books to fill our time, minds, and souls. Over the last six years Literary Women has been fortunate to have the support of Creating Conversations as our festival bookseller to bring you the books of our featured authors. As an independent bookstore, Creating Conversations offers a place to discuss and discover new books, enhance exposure to authors, and enrich our reading experience. Due to the pandemic, however, independent bookstores are in danger of losing their businesses and need our help to survive.

We hope you will support Creating Conversations. Please visit their website, create an account, order a book, explore their events, and have a virtual experience with an author.

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