Celebrating Women Authors Since 1982

Segu, by author Maryse Conde
Maryse Conde, author of Segu

Maryse Conde

Maryse Conde, novelist, playwright, producer, essayist, lecturer, and Professor of West Indies and African literature at the Sorbonne, this year is Fulbright Scholar in Residence at Occidental College.

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Dreams of Sleep, by author Josephine Humphreys
Josephine Humphreys, author of Dreams of Sleep

Josephine Humphreys

Josephine Humphreys lives in Charleston, South Carolina. Her lyrical and introspective novel Dreams of Sleep has received PEN’s 1985 Ernest Hemingway prize for a first novel.

Second Banana, by author Dottie Lamm
Dottie Lamm, author of Second Banana

Dottie Lamm

Dottie Lamm wrote her delightful book Second Banana as a result of her experiences as the wife of Governor Richard Lamm of Colorado. She is also a television talk show host and a popular columnist for the Denver Post.

The Sunne In Splendour, by author Sharon Kay Penman
Sharon Kay Penman, author of The Sunne In Splendour

Sharon Kay Penman

Sharon Kay Penman is an historian, attorney and author of two highly acclaimed historical novels, The Sunne In Splendour and Here Be Dragons. She currently is at work on a third novel.

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Victorian Masters of Mystery, by author Audrey Peterson
Audrey Peterson, author of Victorian Masters of Mystery

Audrey Peterson

Audrey Peterson teaches courses in mystery fiction at California State University, Long Beach, and is the author of the informative and entertaining Victorian Masters of Mystery.

Womankind: Beyond the Stereotypes, by author Nancy Reeves
Nancy Reeves, author of Womankind: Beyond the Stereotypes

Nancy Reeves

Nancy Reeves, attorney, lecturer, former member of the California State Board of Education, and feminist pioneer, is the author of the small classic Womankind: Beyond the Stereotypes.

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Rhine Maidens, by author Carolyn See
Carolyn See, author of Rhine Maidens

Carolyn See

Carolyn See, Los Angeles Times book critic, also teaches English at Loyola Marymount University. She is the author of Rhine Maidens and co-authored Lotus Land with her daughter Lisa and John Espey. Her new novel, Blue Ground will be published in the Spring of 1986. She will keyote the conference on the subject, “Our Turn, Finally.”

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