Celebrating Women Authors Since 1982

Slow Dancing, by author Elizabeth Benedict
Elizabeth Benedict, author of Slow Dancing

Elizabeth Benedict

Elizabeth Benedict knows women. In Slow Dancing she answers all the questions about how it was to be a liberated, college-educated career woman in the seventies. In Beginner’s Book of Dreams, she sensitively gives us a girl growing to womanhood in the fifties and sixties, and her mother with her forties and fifties history. This is a young novelist of strong power.

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The Sisterhood:  The True Story of the Women Who Changed teh World, by author Marcia Cohen
Marcia Cohen, author of The Sisterhood:  The True Story of the Women Who Changed teh World

Marcia Cohen

Marcia Cohen chronicles the women’s movement in her irreverent The Sisterhood: The True Story of the Women Who Changed the World. Focusing on Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Germaine Greer and Kate Millet, this revealing group portrait traces the women whose ideas and actions have profoundly transformed all of our lives. Cohen has written articles for The New York Times and Ladies Home Journal, and has been a reporter and editor for The New York Daily News.

Payment in Blood, by author Elizabeth George
Elizabeth George, author of Payment in Blood

Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George lives in Huntington Beach, and is a former high school English teacher. A Great Deliverance, published by Bantam Books, is her debut novel. She has completed her forthcoming, Payment in Blood, and is currently working on the third book in the series, Well Schooled in Murder. Her love affair with England and her precise crafting of psychological suspense combine to make her “whodunits” riveting reading.

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Winter Light, by author Maria Gillan
Maria Gillan, author of Winter Light

Maria Gillan

Maria Gillan is an award-winning, Italian-American poet, Director of the Poetry Center in Paterson, New Jersey, creative writing teacher, and editor of the poetry magazine, Footwork. She has twice read on national Public Radio. Gillan’s first two books are Flowers from the Tree of Night and Winter Light. A third book, The Weather of Old Seasons, is forthcoming. “She created for us a life, her life, to measure our own by.”

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Sunflower, by author Jill Marie Landis
Jill Marie Landis, author of Sunflower

Jill Marie Landis

Jill Marie Landis was a member of our Literary Women planning committee until she got so busy writing her first novel that we had to give her some time off. We are delighted that her talent and hard work won her the Golden Heart Award for her first historical romance, Sunflower, published by Berkley Books in 1988. Named “best new historical writer in 1987-88” by Romantic Times, Jill will have two books out in 1989 and yet more in 1990!

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Nobody Makes Me Cry, by author Shelley List
Shelley List, author of Nobody Makes Me Cry

Shelley List

Shelley List is the many-talented, multi-award-winning, socially-conscious television Head Writer/Producer of television series: Cagney and Lacey, And Baby Makes Six, Something So Right, and Between Friends. She is the author of three novels: Did You Love Daddy When I was Born, Nobody Makes Me Cry, and Forgiving. She has been a feature editor, theater reviewer and author of journalistic articles for leading magazines, as well as the New York and Los Angeles Times.

Mama!, by author Terry McMillan
Terry McMillan, author of Mama!

Terry McMillan

Mama!….hilarious, horrifying and moving, in turn, is the first novel of Terry McMillan. She zeroes in on the poverty, economic, cultural and spiritual, which stamp the lives of her unforgettable characters. McMillan was featured in Esquire Magazine, July 1988 Literature Issue, alongside Norman Mailer, Philip Roth and Joseph Heller. Her new novel, Men With Good Hands, was excerpted in that same issue.

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How to Prepare for Your High School Reunion and Other Midlife Musing, by author Susan Allen Toth
Susan Allen Toth, author of How to Prepare for Your High School Reunion and Other Midlife Musing

Susan Allen Toth

Susan Allen Toth was born in Ames, Iowa in 1940. She writes of her years there with wit and an eye for remembered detail in Blooming: A Small Town Girlhood, which in 1981 received the New York Times Book Review Notable Book Award. It’s sequel, Ivy Days: Making My Way Out East, brings us universally recognized moments and characters from the tumultuous college years. Her most recent book is How to Prepare for Your High School Reunion and Other Midlife Musings.

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